Sunday, 24 March 2013

Style that sweater

Somehow I managed to score a pair of sweet looking, old school athletics sweaters off eBay (don't you love that). They're branded Country Road, I don't know exactly how old they are but they look old & cool and fit perfectly alongside the rest of the gear in my little guy's wardrobe.
For this shoot I put them together with a grey, 'Seed' cap (backward. Obvs) and 'Alphabet Soup's' Sunfade Shorts.  The hat didn't really last (usually doesn't) and nor did his kicks but that's ok, he's cute enough to pull off the look minus its accessories. 

That's the beauty of styling bubs, you'll usually get the shot regardless of what happens to the outfit. I mean, there's nothing more gorgeous than a kid who can work it in a styled up kit, right? But in saying that, a bare baby butt is almost as adorable.

 I have absolutely no problem with my kids removing every item of clothing i'd initially dressed them in, as long as I was able to excecute my vision to begin with.  If they choose to ditch it all then so be it. Comfort is KEY and I think every mum will agree (nothing worse than an awkward looking child in a stiff, overstyled outfit). 
No more ranting. I want to offer you a style tip. I'm no Rachael Zoe, obviously, but here's some advice:
high socks make a HUGE difference

Do it.  Go buy a bunch of socks in all different colours and patterns, put them with a pair of plain sneakers and a cute get up..
Oh and winter's around the corner - that's your excuse to sock it up! Not because I told you to (what would I know) but because winter's almost here and that calls for warm, high, socks. Trust me, they take kids with swag to whole new heights.


Photographer: Sami Lorking-Tanner


Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Kids Style (a warm welcome)

So i'm a little bit excited to announce a new addition to Lil Mumsy blog.  The aim is to kick it off in the next few weeks.  "Kids Style" will be the name of the new section which will feature different, collaborative and interesting styles dressed up by children under 12 (most probably my own, for convenience sake).

It'll be a collaboration between myself and Sami Lorking-Tanner, whose photography, i'll admit, I have a huge crush on.  As a team, i'll be directing and styling while she takes all the photos and makes them perfect! Shall be know what they say, "never work with dogs or children"..oops.

So i've got my fashionista hat on and am working to inspire Mumma's with a whole lot of ways to dress up their kids.  With winter coming, we'll have a lot more more nudy bums!  This launching pad will be all about vests & scarves, socks & sneakers - made to look rad by a bunch of very trendy children.  Woot woot! Can't wait.

Keep an eye out for 'Kids Style', it's coming reeeaal soon... 


Sunday, 17 February 2013

Gabe's 'Dr Seuss' 2nd Birthday

I didn't get around to posting these sooner but here are the photographs from Gabe's 2nd birthday party. I themed it 'Dr.Seuss' since Gabe was all about the Dr.Seuss books at the time. He LOVED 'The Cat in the Hat', so I made sure we had a massive wall feature of him, along with a whole heap of balloons which I knew would be a hit amongst a party full of 2-year-old's. I got a lot of my inspiration from different blogs and pinterest accounts, took some other ideas off Etsy and managed to pick up some decorations and things from the Dr.Seuss website which made it easy. The rest of it I just thought up and put together the morning of the party - Funny that, how you always manage to come up with your best ideas under pressure...

Photographer: Hemma Kearney


Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Brown's Patch

The addition of a small, quaint vegetable patch built to one side of the Brown's backyard brings to life a space that could easily have been, nothing special.  But this is special and was designed & called upon by creative Mumma and kids clothing designer, Mrs Kobi Brown.

I'm in love with her simple, creative yet cost-effective style.  She nails it, quite literally, every time. Kobi's a do-er, she gets things done. She just does, she's one of those super mums who seems to manage it all..and some.

Kobi designed this gorgeous little garden to house a combination of vegetables including corn, cucumber, beans, strawberries and spinach.  She only has one regret, "I probably over did it, too many fruits and veggies for such a small patch..atleast i'll know for next time." To me it didn't seem over done at all. It was pretty perfect actually but I guess Kobi thought it needed to be more spaced out, because the garden has grown bigger than she expected and will obviously continue to grow.

The frame of the vegetable garden was built by a friend of the Brown's who put it together by using recycled wood.  They went for a sort of 'zig zag' design which you can tell from the photographs.  There wasn't really any reason for this, Kobi decided on it because it looked like more fun than the straight up and down look.  Clearly it did the job since all the veggies seem to be thriving!

Beautiful, two-year-old, Harvi Brown, Kobi's daughter introduced us to her little garden before grabbing a huge cucumber from the front of the patch.  They've already got corn, spinach and cucumbers ready to be eaten and it's only been in action a couple of months.  

Young Harvi's loving her little veggie garden and as Kobi said, "she really likes it, I think it's given her a sense of responsibility which has definitely been a good thing."  Harvi even has her own job, watering the garden, which from what I could tell, she was pretty good at! Kobi laughs as she tells us, "Harvi almost loves it too much.  She never wants to stop watering so i'll often have to intervene before she ends up drowning the whole thing."

Gardens for children are a good learning tool, I think.  Because although they may not fully understand what's going on, they're able to process the growth and development of their own mini project.  They have a job and they come to realise that when the job is done, they'll be rewarded...with fresh, homemade fruits and vegetables that they can chow down on.  It doesn't take much to teach a child what their little hands are capable of.

Photographer: Sami Lorking-Tanner